VIRA ANDISHEH PAD offers a varied range of medical device products with world-competitive pricing while meeting the highest standards such as ISO 13485 and CE.All products are approved by Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education and can pass all kind of inspection and testing of the destination country laboratories.

With eleven years of experience in auditing the medical device industry, visits to top medical device manufacturers are conducted and their products are selected for export to international markets.

Also we are monitoring international marketers with our Smart Export Team. Any change in the quality and price of similar products is evaluated by the R&D team and transmitted to the supply chain.


Our goal is sustainable export.


The following services are provided in this regard:

Planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement and logistics
Provide product portfolio in the field of medical devices based your demand
Cooperative in activities related to compliance with local laws
Offer Best price possible based defined risks
Send Free Product Sample
delivery timely
provide comprehensive information about products
Responsive to any claims and feedback
take back defective, excess or unwanted products